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  • Do I need an appointment?
    We work by-appointment only. You don’t always need an appointment, but they are the best way to secure a spot for the day/time you a looking to get a tattoo! Walk-in tattoos are accepted on a first come, first serve basis if an artist is available on that day. We cannot guarantee availability over the phone or email so stopping in would be ideal. If we’re fully booked by the time you arrive, we can use that visit as an opportunity to book our earliest availability another day. It is not uncommon for artists to be booked weeks or months in advance, so please plan ahead. Appointments require a deposit and could be made in-studio or through text so we can review your artwork references, see the area being tattooed for accurate sizing and placement, and discuss your project in detail. Deposits are non-refundable and are applied to the final cost of your tattoo, providing you cancel or arrive in a timely manner. If you are ½ hour or more late for an appointment or cancel without a minimum of 48 hours notice, you will forfeit the deposit.
  • How are tattoos priced?
    For larger pieces (or pieces requiring 1 or more sessions) we offer an hourly rate that is given to you by your artist during your consultation. For smaller pieces, we have a $150 shop minimum. Cash payments are preferred and appreciated. Hamptons, Ink. also accepts Venmo, Zelle, Bitcoin, or credit cards. (*only credit cards will be charged a transaction fee) Once we have a general design, size and location we can give you a price quote. A quote dictates a price range based on the amount of time/effort we expect your tattoo to take. Rough estimate quotes are done in studio, or over text. When determining whether to get a tattoo at one studio or another, price should be the lowest consideration. Good tattoos are are rarely cheap and cheap tattoos are rarely good.
  • Am I expected to tip my tattoo artist?
    Tips are appreciated but not expected. They follow a service industry standard, which ranges from 10-30%. For more extensive information on tipping see our page Tipping Your Tattoo Artist.
  • How old do you have to be to get tattooed?
    In the State of New York you must be 18 years of age to get a tattoo. In addition to the mandatory minimum age required by law, we reserve the right to refuse anyone service.
  • Can my parent sign for me?
    No. All tattoo clients must be 18 years of age or older (regardles of parental consent) and provide valid state or federal issued photo ID.
  • Can I have a drink before I get tattooed?
    It is illegal and ill advised to get tattooed while under the influence of alcohol. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol will not make your experience any better. It actually makes the process more difficult for you (as well as the artist), can lead to excessive bleeding, and raises the risk of complications. Other drugs, including marijuana, caffeine, or other prescription medication can also cause adverse reactions.
  • Can I get tattooed if I am taking medication?
    It is ill advised to get tattooed while you are sick, as you not only run the risk of spreading germs in a sterile area but also can hinder your healing process because your immune system is not 100%. If you are taking any daily medications, please consult with your physician to see if you are able to be tattooed.
  • Can I get tattooed while pregnant or breast feeding?
    No. Your body is going through tremendous changes and stress. Getting tattooed while pregnant or breast-feeding can put you at a higher risk of infection, which could impact either your health and/or that of your baby. It’s simply not worth the risk.
  • Should I eat before I get tattooed?
    It is best to eat a balanced meal within four hours of being tattooed. You don’t want to be starving or stuffed. Having stable blood sugar boosts your immune system and helps the body deal with the fluctuation of endorphins, which are released during the tattoo process. For longer tattoo sessions bring a small snack. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and aspirin.
  • Can I bring children into the shop?
    For the safety of your children and the sterility of our studio we kindly ask that you keep any children fully under your control at all times. When it is time for your tattoo appointment we strongly recommend a babysitter. The artist is trying to concentrate and you are trying to relax. At the very least, you will need to bring an additional adult to supervise and monitor the child while you are getting tattooed. We reserve the right to reschedule you at your own expense if the child poses a problem.
  • What can I do to prepare for my tattoo?
    On the day of your tattoo, we stronly encourage you to eat a meal within 4 hours of your appointment. In addition to that, wear clothes that are comfortable and easily expose the area that is being tattooed (for example, if the tattoo is on your thigh don't wear tight leggings; wear loose fitting shorts). As a general rule, wear clothes that you don't mind ruining, as some ink and/or blood could stain the material. General hygeine is also appreciated as we will be working in close proximity for extended periods of time.
  • Can I bring my own drawing?
    Yes! We encourage you to bring in your own artwork or references and ideas that our artist can use to create a custom tattoo. A custom tattoo is a tattoo designed with you specifically in mind, made to fit your personal tastes as well as your body shape. Certain aspects of a drawing may need to be altered or reworked based on the "tattoability" of your design, but this is something we work together on during the consultation to give you the best piece possible. Custom tattoos require a deposit as well as time for the artist to draw. The amount of time necessary to draw your tattoo will depend on the elements of the piece as well as how booked the artist is. Once the artist has drawn for you he/she will re-work it, if necessary, until you are satisfied. Your deposit will be applied to the final cost/session of your tattoo. If you choose not to be tattooed or decide to cancel your appointment without appropriate notice, your deposit is considered a drawing fee.
  • Can you fix/cover-up a tattoo I have?
    Possibly. Not every tattoo is an ideal candidate for fixing or covering. More times than not, some old pieces require laser treatment to fade the existing tattoo in order to be a better candidate for a cover-up. A consult is mandatory to determine and discuss what design ideas are necessary to sufficiently cover the old work, while also allowing the artist to see what condition the skin is in as far as trauma and scarring (if any) caused by the previous artist. Consults are free and generally take 10-30minutes to complete.
  • Can you tattoo over a scar?
    It depends on the severity and maturity of the scar. This is judged on a case-by-case basis; in general, a scar should be at least one year old. Come in to the studio and we would be happy to asses the area and discuss what your best options would be.
  • Does getting a tattoo hurt?
    Yes. No. Maybe. Pain varies from person to person and from day to day. Most people compare getting a tattoo to the discomfort of scratching a sunburn. The anticipation of your tattoo is much more unsettling than the tattoo itelf. Just relax, the small amount of pain (if any) will be highly outweighed by the joy it brings you for a lifetime.
  • What is the most painful spot to get tattooed?
    Again, pain is subjective and varies from person to person. Do not choose an area or a size based on the pain factor. We want to make sure it is in a location where it will look the best with your body, and last over time.
  • How do I take care of my tattoo?
    Listen to your artist! Your artist is the expert and they are invested in you taking care of their work properly so that the resulting healed tattoo is something that makes you both proud. At the end of your session, you will be given an aftercare sheet to take home. It is always available on our website for new or returning clients. See Aftercare page for information on how to properly take care of a new tattoo.
  • How long does it take for my tattoo to fully heal?
    Tattoos when cared for properly takes approximately 2-4 weeks to initially heal. Every person is different, and healing time will vary from piece to piece and person to person.
  • What area of the body is hardest to heal?
    Blood flow is an integral part of the healing process so the closer to the heart the better the healing. Healing of the lower legs and feet can take longer based on that fact. Another significant factor in healing is friction. Tattoos on the torso, wrists (with sleeves), ankles (with boots or socks) where clothing constricts and where pivotal movement is constant can lead to longer heal times and complications. Areas of the body with natural seams, like elbows and knees can have a harder time healing as well.
  • What if my tattoo gets infected?
    More often than not, what you perceive as an infection is actually an irritation. Allergic reactions or infections are extremely rare. If you think there is a concern, please come speak with your artist. If there is an actual infection, a physician will help alleviate the issue.
  • Can I tan?
    Stay out of the sun and tanning booths, especially during the healing process. Any form of tanning can and will damage and fade a tattoo. If you are in the sun often, we recommend a SPF 30+ sun block as often as possible to keep the vibrancy and colors looking their best.
  • Can I bring my dog with me if someone watches them?
    The work area of a tattoo studio is a sterile area so we do not allow dogs, or any pets into the studio (unless they meet ALL of these conditions: they are a service animal, if bringing them has been previously discussed with a Hamptons Ink rep, and they can be under supervision the entire session). You will be kindly asked to keep your pet outside should you show up unannounced with one (yes, this has happened).
  • What is Hamptons Ink Deposit/Cancellation Policy?
    The deposit comes off the total cost of your tattoo. If your tattoo requires multiple sessions, it will come off the cost of the last session. All deposits are non-refundable. If you have to reschedule, you must do so 48 hours before the day of your appointment; otherwise, you will lose your deposit and must leave a new deposit to book a new appointment. You may reschedule your appointment two times for free. After that, I charge an additional $100 Rescheduling fee Deposits are not transferable to other people. Deposits are only good for the design that was discussed. If you change your mind before your appointment, you must leave a new deposit for the different design. If you are running late for your appointment, please let me know as soon as possible. Arriving more than 20 minutes late to your appointment will result in that time being added to the cost of your tattoo at my hourly rate. The price estimate you were given was not an exact price quote. The price could be more or less depending on the final size, detail, and location of the tattoo.
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