Thank you for choosing us for your next piercing! Below is a comprehensive list of all piercings we offer at this time. 

*Note: we only offer standard piercings at this time. If it is not on the list, we do not offer it. However, the list is subject to change and additional piercings may be added at our piercer's discretion.

  • Nose: $55

  • Lobe: $35 for 1, $60 for pair

  • Cartilage: $45

  • Industrial: $70

  • Nipple: $60 for 1, $110 for 2

  • Belly Button: $55

  • Lip: $55

  • Eyebrow: $55

Other services:

-Install our jewelry same day: FREE

-Install or remove jewelry: $20 per piece

Piercing Prices